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Twisted Treasure

Pounamu and Yellow Gold Necklace

Pounamu and Yellow Gold Necklace

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Pounamu (NZ Jade/Greenstone) wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire. 
  • Handmade 
  • 5.5cm Tall 
  • Pounamu
  • 14k Yellow Gold Fill
Comes with a polishing cloth, Jewellery bag and a 17.5" Stainless Steel Chain.

Caring for gold-filled jewellery is not too much different from caring for other types of jewellery. Here are my top tips:

Avoid wearing your gold-filled jewellery in the ocean or swimming pools, as salt water and chlorine can cause damage.

Keep your gold-filled jewellery as dry as possible and away from pesky humidity! Please make sure you store it individually in an air-tight plastic bag as rubbing it against other jewellery can cause it to lose its sheen.

Avoid wearing your gold-filled jewellery when working out. Exposure to salt from sweat can cause your pieces to become dull.

Be mindful that perfume, hairspray and hand lotions may tarnish your gold-filled jewellery due to the harsh chemicals they contain.

Gently wipe your gold-filled piece with a jewellery polishing, non-scratch cloth every now and again to promote shine.

Handmade with love and care in Queenstown, NZ.
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