Caring For Your Jewellery

Crystals naturally pick up energy from us and the environments they are kept in. You can cleanse your crystals to remove any energies they have stored, which is no longer needed. 
Ways to do this are: 
  • Placing your crystals out for the full moon.
  • Placing your crystals out in the sun (Quartz crystals can focus the suns rays and become a fire risk).
  • Pass a smudge stick over your crystals.
  • Place your crystal inside an Amethyst Geode or on a selenite charging plate for a few hours.
All of my pieces are heirloom quality and will last many lifetimes if looked after.
The wire I use is high quality jewellery grade from Rio Grande. I love to work with copper but also enjoy using Argentium (.935) and Sterling Silver (.925)
The silver wire I use is silver all the way through, the Rose Gold and Yellow Gold is 14k filled wire, meaning it will have a core made from base metal and 5% 14k on the outside. Please take care with filled wire as if it takes a heavy scratch it will reveal the base.
Copper and Silver will naturally oxidize over time, to keep your jewellery beautiful and shiny gently rub with a jewellery polishing cloth (provided with all purchases) or embrace her as she ages and darkens over time.
Please avoid wearing your new piece to bed, in the shower or at the gym. Sweat, water and lotions can reduce the life of your piece.
If you would like to arrange for me to clean any of your pieces please don't hesitate to contact me (NZ only)